The brief

Clearabee came to Sixth Story for a website redesign to create a smarter website that caters for the different and diverse target audiences and communicating their key messages. The new website needed to show that ‘we remove rubbish’ as previously there were mixed messages about being a removal firm.

The Solution

The new website, with full content management system showcases directs personal or business users to relevant content immediately off the bat. During our discovery process we uncovered that same day rubbish removal was a key selling point and integrated this in the design using a countdown timer to indicate this to users. Further more, we used imagery and photography to help users understand the pricing per cubic yard giving a visual reference to the services.

A GIF of Clearabee's website

Custom made illustrations

The vibrant and custom illustrations support the services and make the site memorable.

e-commerce illustration design
e-commerce illustration design
e-commerce illustration design
e-commerce illustration design
e-commerce website design


Alongside photography, we created planned, filmed and executed a promotional video to showcase the key features and benefits of the Clearabee rubbish removal service.

Brochure design

We were delighted to have the opportunity to design the brochure for Clearabee's services.

A mockup of Clearabee's brochure design


Fantastic team. Great vision and project management. From initial concept to implementation - innovative team who have delivered for us over a period of several years now.

Daniel Long

Managing Director

responsive design clearabee

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