The brief

We were delighted to be given the task of creating an identity and brand for a new company creating boutique purpose-built student accommodation.

As the target audience was prospective students and their parents it was important that the brand was cool and welcoming whilst remaining professional.

The Solution

We created a brand identity that is personal and inviting. The aim of Amare is to create student accommodation that goes beyond meeting student needs. They focus on developing accommodation that does not disturb the environment and community that existed beforehand.

We also designed a brochure for business use to showcase a development in progress, and a temporary landing page for use whilst the full website is being built, with more information on each property development in progress.

student housing property logo design
An image of Amare's branding planning
A mockup of Amare's services brochure

Social media

We helped launch the Amare brand during the planning application phase, deploying the brand and development brochure alongside a website with all the planning documentation.

1,800 Facebook likes in first 2 weeks
900 Twitter followers

An image of a Facebook post - Happy Monday
An image of a Facebook post
An image of a Facebook post
An image of a Facebook post

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