BCWA Stalking and Harassment Campaign

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The brief

We were honoured to work with BCWA on a campaign to raise awareness for the core issues and implications involved in stalking. Stalking is not a one-off event. It’s a consistent barrage of unwanted attention or abuse over a long period of time, and it’s this cumulative effect that takes its toll on the victim.

The audience was diverse as we had to resonate with victims and simultaneously talk to their friends, family and the authorities.

The solution

To really demonstrate the serious impact stalking has, we have to somehow capture the distress that that build up causes. We need to show that being stalked isn’t something victims can just shrug off.

Rather than messages from the stalker, the chosen campaign idea focuses on the victims’ stories and the final call to action 'Stalking is a crime'.

We created a campaign brand, message and this was translated into leaflets, post cards, posters, social media adverts, banners, a website landing page and z cards for the Police etc.

branding campaign identity
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print design
full campaign landing page


As part of the campaign we created an awareness video that is shown online and at conferences to set the tone for the stalking campaign.

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branding campaign identity

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