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30th August 2014


Website designers the world over get asked this question a lot. And the answer is, “well that really depends…”

The cost of a website design is going to vary depending on your requirements. Think of it like buying a car, there are varying levels of specification and the more bells and whistles you add, the higher the cost.

Then the budget is going to vary again depending on whether you’re speaking to a freelance web designer and again from web agency to agency. Many website designers use template websites, this may or may not be suitable for you, it really depends on what you want to achieve online.

Whilst price is a big factor in your decision, it is also important to work with a web agency that understands your business and requirements, I guess you could say there needs to be chemistry. Spend a little time investigating different options, look at their portfolios and testimonials. If you’re considering working with a freelancer, you can get great results. Ensure you weigh up the pros and cons or assess what support you’ll need in the long term; you’ll know what is right for you.

Budgeting for a website design

Because every website we design and build is unique, the costs will vary according to the simplicity or complexity of your requirements, the functionality if you like.

A professional brochure website could start at around £5000 and as you add more functionality such as a blog, image galleries or social media feeds, it creeps up. You might then want to be able to change text and images yourself without any coding knowledge so include a Content Management System (CMS). CMS websites give you the autonomy to make regular updates yourself and avoid incurring further charges for updates.

Do you have lots of product categories and products to include with an online shop? Do you need to have your website translated into any different languages? You get the picture now.

Additional considerations

While planning for your website design there are other considerations that you should bear in mind, for example:

  • Photography : do you need to arrange a photo shoot for your team, shop and / or products. Modern digital cameras do help novices take better pictures but not professional pictures. If a photo shoot isn’t in the budget now you can look at purchasing stock images from various online libraries.
  • Copywriting : unfortunately copywriting is often an afterthought in web design projects but a well designed website deserves great copy and it can greatly improve your return on investment.
  • Your time : working with a professional web design agency can really take the pressure off but you still need to allow time for meetings, sign offs and populating your new website if that has been budgeted. Once your website goes live, being a good website owner is a challenge often under estimated. Think of it like joining the gym, you have get yourself there frequently to see results.

All in all there are lots of variables and considerations for any website design project. Above all ensure that your goals are clear and it will be a well-spent investment for your business.

If you would like to take about your website requirements please don’t hesitate to contact one of our creative website designers.