The traditional business card…often an after thought logo at the top, name and contact details underneath. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a business card that is clear and communicates your information (after all that is what it needs to do), your business card leaves your client with a lasting reminder of you and your company. If it is bland it will simply get forgotten and thrown on the pile of similar looking bland cards or worse still straight in the bin. A business card as small as it is has the ability to reinforce your brand values and market your company continuing to do so long after it has left your hands.

Don’t skimp on print.

It is all too tempting to get what you think is the cheapest deal…ignore TV adverts that offer deals for large quantities at low prices with ready made templates allowing you to simply type in your details. You really do get what you pay for. Think quality and think design.

Don’t be afraid to be different.

Don’t under estimate the power a beautifully designed business card, get it right and the more likely you are to be remembered. Creating something which relates to your business is key and being clever and quirky will get you noticed.

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