Happy new tax year! It’s the end of the tax year. And unlike the end of the real year, which is all about getting dressed up, going out, and more than likely getting drunk, owners of small and medium sized businesses usually celebrate the end of the tax year by sitting down with their accountants and confronting the stark reality of how well their business has actually done over the last 12 months. There might also be drinking.

Once the jaw clenching, teeth grinding and hand wringing is over, tax year tradition then dictates that almost everyone makes a promise to themselves that next year is going to be better/different/the one. I know this is true because I’ve been there myself, more than a few times.

Planning to give your business a kick up the bum is exciting and invigorating for sure. But if you don’t really know where to start, the momentum can quickly run out and your good intentions can go the same way as your January gym membership.

Over the last year or so we’ve produced a number of blogs and ebooks to help small and medium sized business refresh their communications and renew their brand. If you’re thinking about making a New Tax Year’s resolution, now is probably a good time for a brief recap.



If next year is to be better than last, you need to know what you’re doing right and where you could be better. So take a close look your marketing, your website and your ad spend. Do they work? Are they taking you where you want to go?

It’s not just about the financials. All of your communications should portray you in the correct light. So do they? Audit your website and your social content and identify what’s produced a ‘return on energy’ and what’s been a waste of valuable time (if not money). How effective is your website at turning visitors into customers?

Finally, be sure you know where your new clients are coming from. If it’s not where you think, there might be opportunities that you didn’t even realise.




For customers to love your brand, it makes sense that you have to love it too. So make sure your message, your vision and your mission is clear and carefully communicated.

Take time to understand your target audiences. Know your most profitable client types, and get a solid grip on what you can offer them and what they want from you. Next year should be all about them.




Once you’re clear about who you are and who you’re talking to, you can put a much more defined strategy in place to bring it all together. It might take some hard work and a bit of investment, but it means you’ll at least have something to celebrate next tax year.

Anyway, that’s something to think about over the Easter break. Happy New Tax Year from everyone at Sixth Story!

We’ve got a bunch of tools, blogs and resources at your fingers tips and they’re on the house – no strings. Enjoy and we hope you make the most of the new year to come!