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14th November 2011


Every company needs to be represented by a recognisable logo that tells its story, that fits perfectly with who they are. We think that each company has its own story, its own personality, but, time is constantly changing trends.  So what about the 2011 logo trends?

Its difficult to fix rules to describe what is trendy or not, sometimes is a matter of taste, but in spite of this, every year, the popular blog makes an annual report talking about the future logo trends. Logo Lounge is probably the most important blog about branding in internet.  They have created an online logo database that makes research easier. With over 170,000 logos and growing, LogoLounge has become an indispensable tool for any logo designer. Definitely blog to take into account.

Here’s our take on 2011 logo trends

Gradients made a come back in logo trends

2011 Logo Trends - Gradients

In 2011 logo trends, gradients made a come back. Subtlety is the key here and that’s no exception when it comes to gradients. It can move the eye in a particular direction and a gentle linear gradient can uplift a colour from a flat, single tone. If the logo needs to be reproduced in particular ways, use this trend with caution.



Illustration in logo trends

We’d be amiss if we didn’t talk about the illustration in logo trends for 2011. Lots of detail condensed into the space of the logo or monogram and it was a trend that we used to capture everything about Meres & Moses into one space.

2011 Logo Trends - Illustration

logo trend






Texture in logo trends

Helping set logos apart in 2011 was texture. Whether it was distressing, creasing or adding a little effect brands made themselves feel more approachable with these logo trends. Our logo here for African Space, a travel company gave the feeling of a stamp in your passport linking the concept to the logo design.

2011 Logo Trends - Texture

I’m sure that there’s a whole lot more than we can comment on the 2011 logo trends but those the highlights and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2012 has in store.