1. Review of your copywriting

What a great time to review your copy now that you’ve had a break and come back with fresh eyes! Whether it’s your website’s landing pages, your elevator pitch or general marketing blurbs – it’s crucial to ensure your content is up-to-date and matches your plans for the year ahead.

Using your website statistics is a great place to start – see which pages performed well and which ones had a high bounce rate. That’ll give you an insight into asking those important questions.

2. Review of key successes

Can you think back to 2011 and recall the new business wins you had… more importantly, where did they come from? Jotting those down on a piece of paper can really help you to focus your marketing for the first part of this year. Remember it’s about doing more of what works and reviewing what hasn’t worked to learn and go forward.

3. Try something new

I’ve read somewhere that going back to basics and being in the learning curve can do wonders for your creativity. Is there any thing that you haven’t tried yet, not had the time or been too overwhelmed? Now is as good a time as any and if it works, great you’ve got the rest of the year to perfect it. If it doesn’t work then at least you know. It might be Google+, email marketing or video what ever it is set yourself a deadline and give it a whirl!

4. Go mobile

Mobile internet users are going up and up and up. If you haven’t thought of going mobile yet now is definitely the time. For mobile centric businesses looking for a new opportunity or avenue to drive customers through your door, mobile is the way to go.

5. Review your weak spots

If you’re working or running a small or medium business you’ve probably been wearing many hats and it’s ok to admit that not all of those hats will fit! If you can identify your weak spots, evaluate how much investment it’s worth and look at hiring in the talent. There’s no shame in calling in the calvary!

It’s a new year and time for fresh communications. If you want to look at what you’re doing, make a change and get on the right food but you’re not sure where to start… that’s where we can come in. Talk to us about our brand story and copywriting services and how we can help to look at things differently for you.