The brief

Orlo are a successful Birmingham based marketing agency that help clients reach their online potential. Previously known as SocialSignIn, they rebranded to Orlo creating a fresh, approachable look and feel that highlights their collaborative personality, our task was to take this refreshed brand and bring it to life with a new website.

Your online ecosystem

For the Orlo website, we needed to reflect the rebrand by creating a fluid, user-friendly experience. The result was the idea of an online ecosystem, in which users can select the relevant sectors for them which will then dictate what content is shown as a priority for their needs.

icon design

A bespoke customer experience

Throughout the site we continued the approach of a bespoke customer journey by making sure related blogs, products and case studies are shown that relate to the page they are currently viewing, cementing the values of Orlo throughout the users online experience.

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