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The brief

Joint Design Direction, furniture designers that proudly manufacture in the Midlands. 2020 marks 10 years in business, outfitting offices such as Google, Facebook and Sony with expansion in Australia, Kuwait and as far as Kazakhstan. For their tenth year it was an opportunity to consolidate the brand message and create an ecosystem for corporate communications and marketing collateral, from ads to price lists and a new website.

The Solution

The new brand system focusses on the modular, flexible and bespoke furniture designed for agile work places. The shapes and squares inspired by floor plans, designed for doing. Overall the tone of voice emphasises the brand’s uncompromising design philosophy and their values, ‘comfort before compromise’.

With the brand system and collateral in place we’ve focused on creating a minimal, contemporary website to create a smooth user experience that easily shows the variation and breadth of products, with simple ways of enquiring for specific pieces. The website is based on WordPress, allowing us to create landing pages and content for future marketing plans at the drop of a hat, we wanted to create a flexible website that matched the agile nature of JDD’s furniture.

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