Cure Leukaemia.

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Over 1,000 runners have taken part in the Great Birmingham Run for Cure Leukaemia over the last couple years. This is a huge source of fund raising for the Charity and we were delighted to assist in the creation of a visual campaign to recruit runners in 2016.


After we bounced around ideas for ad copy and headlines, we set off designing visuals for the chosen concept ‘Don’t just do it. Run for a reason’ – an idea sparked from watching incredibly inspirational videos of individuals who have been moved to run for the charity.

We felt that a typographic and bold symbolic creative would fit this concept and allow the campaign line to be the call to action on its own. The creative concept is based on blood cells in the shape of running gear such as trainers, bottles and headphones with strong branding. The designs were recreated for posters, bill boards, social media and online ads.

We were delighted to hear that CL had over 200 runners sign up in 2016 and hope they smash it in 2017!

Let's be inspired logo for Cure Leukaemia campaign for Great Birmingham Run A mockup of Cure Leukaemia's campaign series on posters A mockup of Cure Leukaemia's campaign on a magazine A mockup of Cure Leukaemia's website for Donate your name campaign A mockup of Cure Leukaemia's campaign for Donate your name on a flyer

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