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22nd July 2015


You can’t miss the billboard and outdoor emoji adverts campaign that McDonald’s is running using strapline ‘good times‘ at the moment.

What’s so brilliant about the Mcdonald’s emoji adverts?

We think these are absolutely brilliant! The style suits Mcdonald’s already minimal design but they have done something special by using something that is so relevant and current. Everyone uses these emojis in their ‘What’s app’ messages daily. I have found myself actively trying to spot new ads to decipher and finding that friends are now sending emoji combinations to string sentences together.

It’s very clever and has captured their target audience (and me) to the T.

emoji adverts

Emojis were first created in 1999 and used on the earliest mobile platforms in Japan. The idea of visual language to communicate first invented by the Egyptians. In an increasingly noisy digital world, we anticipate seeing more and more use of visual language.

According to Campaign Live, 18 to 65 year olds are using emojis regularly and 18 to 25s find it easier to express emotion with emojis.

We predict seeing more brand and campaigns making use of the emojis that we all love! Sweet ?

The WWF created a dedicated campaign with emojis using #endangeredemoji to raise awareness and help save real animals. You could donate money with every emoji that you tweeted from an Asian Elephant to a Bluefin Tuna.

If you want to take conversation to a younger audience, emojis are the way to do it! On trend and on message, even though changing the iconic WWF panda in the logo was controversial at first if it’s helping to get the message out to a younger audience, we’re all for it. ?

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