There’s lots of noise out there in the world, especially online and we’ve talked about creating online advantage in a previous blog as well as how a brand simply isn’t enough any more with the branding evolution taking place. So what can you do to boost your digital marketing?

Today we want to bring it back to base and hopefully give you some useful tips and ideas to market yourself in the digital world!

1) Give to gain

Apple have developed a brand where desire is enough of a reason to buy their newest products, until you reach that stage you have to point out the added value of your product or service and make it clear.

What we mean here is that you should be positioning yourself as the trusted source for expert advice in your field. Tell your customers how to save money and time, how-to information that’s useful and share your knowledge freely.

That way when customers do have spend they will remember you as that helpful company who really added value! Use your website as the platform to share your information and use social media, email marketing and possibly the press to broadcast it. Be regular and consistent, may be plan out the next month to assess how much resource you are going to need and chalk it up to marketing investment.

Keeping your brand in the eye of the consumer.

2) What do you want to achieve from the digital world?

Previously we’ve stressed the importance of setting a goal and having a vision for your website or online presence. Again, I can’t stress this enough but it’s one thing to have a vision and another thing to have a set of plans to actions to reach that vision.

What one thing are you going to do today to take a step closer to your vision?

Let’s look at achieving a great Google Ranking and then maintaining it. Some of the things that you can do to contribute to that every single day is adding fresh content to your website, writing a blog, tweeting, creating video content and building in-bound links.

Are you on Google Places? Well that’s the one thing you can do today for your website and online presence. Go to and starting boosting your site on local searches.

3) This is a two way street

I often feel like a stuck record when I say that social media is not a sales tool, it’s a two way street for yes, putting out useful information and building your credibility but it is also a way find out what people want, what they expect and who is talking about your brand or your competition. Social media is not a fad.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the go-to social media platforms and are all great ways of sharing information and getting customers to interact with your business. Customers can leave testimonials and recommendations on LinkedIn, which become great arsenal when you’re building your value added proposition.

Imagine you are a PC repair company and you respond to people on social media platforms who are having difficultly with their machines. You hear their pain and position yourself as the solution, hey presto!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this and can take away at least one idea to implement into your business. If you’d like to bounce any ideas around with our team, don’t hesitate to contact us.