Travel Agency Marketing

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Travel agency marketing

travel agency marketing

Travel agency marketing, it's like a long-haul flight.

Or at least it can feel that way; it takes a while and can get a bit bumpy. However, the reasons people travel haven't changed. But in our new digital world, the way your customers' research, plan and buy their holidays has undergone a huge evolution. Running a travel business today can be as much about writing blogs as it is about making bookings. It's an exciting place to be - even Google's joining in.

Travel agency marketing is a journey we can help you on. Every travel agency is different but we can help you to work on your customer personas and value propositions. The next step is to map the customer journey you want to take them on and plan strategic marketing around them because, let's face it, that's who your travel agency marketing is all for. As an experienced agency, we have a whole host of tools we can use to make your travel agency marketing the best it can possibly be:

Know your audience

One of the most important parts of travel marketing for your business is being clear about exactly who you're talking to. Who are the customers you want to attract? Where are they? What are their reasons for travel? Why do they need you?

Audit your collateral

Once you're clear about the customers you're trying to reach, you can determine if you're speaking their language and sending them the right messages in your travel agency marketing.

Understand the customer journey

So you can invite yourself along! To market your business successfully, there's something important you need to admit to yourself. As your potential customers set out on their quest for a holiday, almost none of them are looking for a travel agent.


Your marketing travel guide

Ready for some inspiration to check out to make the journey pass a little quicker for your travel agency marketing? Then this ebook is for you!

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