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06 Sep 14.


Web design should always be attractive and your company website could be the most powerful force in your marketing toolkit. The footer of a website has typically been a bit of a buckshee subject. Thanks to news websites and social media sites people are used to scrolling and we’re taking back the footer!

A creative website designer can use the space in the footer of the website to add value to the web design but also to your marketing efforts. It’s a great place to display information that doesn’t really fit in the overall structure, you can use this space for direct promotion of a project, add links which can include those all-important keywords. We’ve also heard that through research, we know that users are used to scrolling to the bottom of a web page to find a telephone number and typically on the right hand site too. Strange? We think so but a useful tip when it comes to web design.

Used creatively, the website footer can be a little bit of fun too, a nice sign off on your web pages to put a splash of personality into your website.

Here are come creative use of footers on web designs

The Tea Round App website makes a lovely use of the footer space, with a textured background and transparent feature boxes this adds value to the website design. The footer has a sign up to updates and more info about the product.

Website design footer

Many online retail or e-commerce websites like Zappos use footers to provide more navigational links to content in the website. Admittedly not the most creative use of the web page but it’s very functional, provides added usability for the shopper and hyperlinks can very easily be keywords.

Website design footer

The Nike UK website has an extra long footer but very interestingly the whole footer on the web page is dedicated to social media. The image boxes link to the Twitter profiles of their key brand ambassadors inviting users to engage with the brand using the hash tag #makeitcount.

web design footer

The Pizza Hut website footer uses tidy little feature panels to drive consumer engagement and support the website objectives.

Web Design Footer

The Urban Pie website makes creative use of the footer space, the only functionality contained is a search box. The rest of the space is dedicated to a creative illustration which compliments the website design very nicely. What a lovely sign off for the website!

creative website design footer

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