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19 Feb 15.



When we set out to work with companies our initial conversations are always around the services we offer such as logo design or creating a website. We can’t help ourselves but get more involved in that, I can’t quite explain it but guess it can be summed up as a creative partnership.

We’re currently working with a start-up business or rather a new business born out of an evolution and we’ve busy creating their brand identity and will be going onto create a content strategy for marketing, defining their target audiences and strategies to target those. We’re in very early stages after a successful launch the company is off the ground.

Eclectic Security offer a range of security consultancy services to corporate organisations as well as providing locksmith training to individuals and property managers. During our discovery phases we’ve helped the team at Eclectic to devise a subscription model for the training business which will launch in the summer and provide a unique offering to this market and position the business differently to competitors.

So far we have created a brand identity, website which needed to launch on very tight turnaround times and social media presence. We’ll be looking at signage, uniforms, interior design for the training facility, marketing strategy and managing their ongoing pay per click and Facebook advertising campaigns.


As Managing Director of Eclectic Security I cannot praise Sixth Story enough. We gave them a tough challenge as we had to have a logo, website and marketing campaign all put in place on a very tight schedule, the whole team at Sixth Story were absolutely fantastic, they didn’t once give us problems they just gave us solutions, they had a can do attitude from the start. I myself have used Sixth Story in the past for another business venture I had & still have and they delivered then, since then I have tried a couple of other companies that claimed to offer the same services as Sixth Story but non have ever given me the same confidence I have always had with Sixth Story and so with our new venture it was a no brainer for us to use them again and we will continue to do so. I would highly recommend Sian and the whole team at Sixth Story to any business, whether just starting out or established. 

Brian McAleer, Managing Director


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