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30th December 2015

#Branding #Design

From logo design to creative website design and everything in between…

I always enjoy the ‘quiet time’ between Christmas and New Year. It’s a time to reflect on the year and look forward to new goals and challenges. Being a self-proclaimed nerd, I also revel in looking over our website’s analytics to see what the most read blogs were! So here it goes, a roundup of our top 10 blogs of 2015 from logo design to creative website designs and everything in between.

‘Simple tips & ideas for Exhibition Stands’

etech exhibition standDesign and build of exhibition stands featured quite a bit this year with several of our clients exhibiting. We enjoy the design work around exhibitions, it’s often challenging but seeing designs come to life in full size and helping clients get noticed is great.

Exhibition stand design for @etechltd

Ideas for exhibitions stands

‘Creative Website Design’

We blogged about trends ranging from hand-drawn illustrations, script fonts and background textures. One of our most coveted creative web designs of 2015 was for Clearabee, a rubbish removal firm. The new website design needed to show that they’re a rubbish removal firm (not just a removal firm) and add some personality to make it memorable. We got creative on the photoshoot and it all came together beautifully. Creative website designs

‘The Dangers of Speculative Design’

clearabee mobile website

Ah, an old time favourite. With over 100 reads a month this blog is and oldie but goodie. We talk about the dangers of providing speculative work and provide examples of our work which had shamelessly been copied. For us, it’s all about getting to know our clients before we start any creative work as it allows us to design from a strategic position ensuring what we create is fit for purpose. The dangers of speculative design

‘Where is the world going?’

Here were some predictions for brands and marketing and we think some of this scary stuff might be coming to advertising space near you. Where is the world going?

‘Why you shouldn’t use DIY website builders’

You know, we try and explain the benefits of designing from scratch, creating custom websites for your business but alas people are still drawn in by the shiny advertising of the DIY website builders. If it’s your new year’s resolution is to start a business, get a website and make a change, definitely have a read of this blog first before you invest your time going down the DIY route. Why you shouldn’t use DIY website builders…

‘Does a logo design rationale need to be obvious?’

Well does it? We don’t think so and of all the logos we’ve created in 2015, here’s one of our favourites which will be launching in January along with a new website for the company. Does a logo design need to be obvious?

foodstore stationery

‘Marketing in the hospitality industry’

Another oldie but popular blog exploring the nuances of customer retention, social media, email marketing and how customer services is the new marketing. Whether you’re in hospitality or a services industry, it’s a blog to jog the mind and think differently about marketing. Marketing in the hospitality industry…

‘Do you own the intellectual property to your company’s creative assets?’

A blog post title to send a shiver down the spine of any business owner. Copyright laws are confusing and it’s a grey area when it comes to creative design work. This blog covers all you need to know and things to consider when it comes to the intellectual property of your brand and creative assets. Intellectual property of creative assets…

‘Why I hate crowdsourcing’

Wow, looking back I was definitely on a rant. But a well intended rant and another hot topic in 2015 when it comes to investing in your business and getting the most out of your creative to ensure it works for your business. Why I hate crowdsourcing…

‘How do we value design?’

Fitting that the next most read blog talks about how we value design, getting very academic talking about Karl Marx and the theories of value. As a design agency, it’s a perpetual struggle to ask potential clients to see the value in something that they can’t yet see… Go with it and we hope you enjoy our very cheeky experiment! How do we value design?

Last but certainly not least….

‘Content Pizza’

The blog that stirred up a feeding frenzy. We use the analogy of planning content for your website to making pizza. It turns out this simple analogy made sense and got quite a few people hungry for more. The result of this blog pushed us to share more of our strategies for writing content and planning for a website redesign. So we produced a practical book to help you write tasty content that will connect with your audience, communicate with purpose and get you noticed. We’re proud to say our book can be found on Amazon.

If you can’t wait to get your hands of a copy, visit Content Pizza where you can download a copy of the ebook.

We hope that our roundup of the top 10 blogs has given you some food for thought as well as some inspiration to kick start 2016 with some fresh marketing ideas.

Happy new year and wishing you all a prosperous 2016.