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30th November 2017

What is that about your business that if someone doesn’t work with you, they’re missing out? They need the promised land and you need a little magic. This all begins with the fact you need to know your customer first and understanding what it is they’re looking for before they even know it, like I said, magic! However, it’s not rocket science to know your customers and grow a business.

customer persona

Create a customer profile to know your customer

This can help you to think about who your customers really are and how exactly you can reach them. You have to build up a real picture of the type of person who will have a use and need for your services. It comes down to the basics so think about what they like, where they hang out and why they need to choose you over any other company. Start with a mood board. It helps you to focus and makes sure that your whole team understands.

Where do you begin?

You already know your existing customers so you can start from here, specifically, and we know we shouldn’t say this, but the ones who are your favourite to work with. Think about the projects that went well. These are the relationships that every business strives for. If you understand more about these customers and think about your relationship with them, such as how it started and how you have then been working with them is can help you to attract more of these clients.

If you are a newer business, you need to think about who will benefit from working with you. Take a look at your services and focus more on who needs you rather than who you would like to work with (for now at least!)

Why do this to know your customer?

If you create an efficient process you can learn the best way to reach your potential clients. If you develop new products or introduce new services as your business grows, write it down so you can learn to market this service efficiently. Generating a customer journey is also pretty useful so you can see who you’re talking to and take out the stuff that doesn’t work so well. It means your business can meet your clients’ needs even better. It means your ideal client becomes a reality. So know your customer and grow your business!

balance your clients


How do I get more clients?

It’s all about balance. You need to make sure you’re supporting the clients you already have but you’re also actively looking for new business opportunities. New business boils down to two different things though. Yes, getting new customers is the obvious one. Also, get your existing customers to use more of your services! Both are as important as each other. Even if you’ve been working with someone for years, if their business fundamentally changes such as budgets or your main points of communication leave, they can look elsewhere. Start building your relationship from the get-go so when one job is finished, there are more to come. Bottom line, it’s not difficult when you love what you do and only want to do the best. Expect nothing less. One other thing? If you can effectively communicate what it is that you offer it can be the difference between failure and success (just make sure you know what that is!).

Think big!

You may think that big businesses only work with other big businesses. Not true! You may feel intimidated making contact with them, but you need to build networks and relationships so if they choose to work with someone else, if you’re on their radar they may well come back in the future or refer you to someone else. So do something unexpected, don’t do what the rest of your competition is doing. Sometimes, you need to look at different industries to be inspired.

Engage, engage, engage!

You may think,’But I speak to these people every day on the phone!’, we mean a few added extras here. We know they’re already a valued client and you love working with them (hopefully) so sometimes it’s about more than making sure you’re up to date with their latest emails and requests. Mentioning your clients on, for example, social media and making them part of your online persona makes it feel like they’re part of your exclusive club! Not everyone is part of it but, let’s face it, they really should be am I right? Interact with their accounts too for extra support because it helps to go a little above and beyond these days.

Building a solid base and good relationships with clients means you’re more likely to grow as a business. If someone likes you, they’re going to tell people and whilst we can’t control it, word of mouth is invaluable! If you need a bit of help, we’ve got a service for that too!