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24th October 2014


Being a team of creative website designers we thought we’d share our thoughts, ideas and inspiration on just that, creative website designs!

Over the past few months in the website design arena we’ve seen trends ranging from hand-drawn illustrations to the scrapbook look, script fonts and background textures from note pads to coffee rings. This was a nice movement away from the “web 2.0 look and feel” with glassy buttons that look like sweets and the shiny, dark web designs that lacked personality.

Apart from these sorts of design devises we’ve also seen a big trend towards website designs with large background images with depth and impact. Great for travel websites, venue websites and photography websites where imagery is really key.

Regardless of trends in web design, one thing has always remained a challenge and that’s information hierarchy, how messages are presented and communicated. Or simply put, layout. It’s really tricky being creative with web design layouts but understanding something unique about the messaging, the brand or the target audience can give you that little spark of genius.

We’ve rounded up a couple of creative website designs with interesting layouts for a little bit of inspiration and a different slant. With CSS and advances in technology anything is possible.

What will be the next trend in website design?


Activate Drinks

As soon as you land on the home page you’re directed to engage with the site straight away. You scroll through the site like being sent on a journey, quite unique which really reflects the product.


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Gardener & Marks

This web design layout lends itself to the company, working within space and with interior design elements they’ve created a web layout that puts you right in their space! A contemporary website design with personality!


website design agency

Forever Heavy

A portfolio site that makes use of creative layout with the navigation and highlights the calls to action with fun roll over states. The open layout with columns, typography and colour pallet make this a memorable web design.

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Please note that the website designs shown above weren’t created by Sixth Story but we’re sharing them for inspiration and hope the creators don’t mind.