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If you want to build a brand, you need to own an idea first

So you’ve had a great idea. Great. What do you do next? Build on it! Starting with a big idea…

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1st September 2017


Your Brand Toolkit And What’s In A Brand

What makes a brand and why is having one so important? In building a business, brand identity is one of…

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27th July 2017


How to find a hero for your brand story

We all know that a brand that has a great brand story and creates authentic content, wins! A purposeful, passionate…

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9th May 2017


6 Minute Stories – Part one – Jack Spicer Adams

Sixth Story 6 Minute Stories Feat. Jack Spicer Adams | Birmingham based photographer Watch part one of our 6 Minute…

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23rd March 2017


Effective Brand Design

The benefits of effective brand design are plentiful and surprising. From brand recognition and building customer loyalty, adding credibility with…

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17th January 2017

When is a good time to rebrand?

Your brand is the identity of your business, it tells the world what your brand values and characteristics are in…

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8th November 2016


Brand Guidelines, what are they and why do you need them?

We’ve helped many clients over the years rebrand or build a new brand from ground roots. Part and parcel of…

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19th August 2016


Three smart brand strategies to implement now

Three smart brand strategies that you can implement in your business right now and drive your brand forward. With no…

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21st June 2016


Rebranding? How to get team buy-in

Team buy-in will contribute to the success of your rebranding project, here’s why and how to achieve that. Building a…

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23rd May 2016


How do we design a logo?

We recently had a show and tell with a client, proudly the logo concepts presented were spot on and they…

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13th April 2016

sixth story SMART goals

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SMART goals are a smart move!

Whether you like it or not, setting yourself and your business SMART goals is a smart move! Without direction planning,…

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21st September 2017

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