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07 Aug 11.


Social networks have become such an important factor in today’s online society and there’s no doubt about it that Facebook is highly regarded as the leader in this particular sector. We recently looked at creating a Facebook presence for your business and today we are going to look at some examples of Highly Creative Facebook Pages.

Don’t overlook it’s importance

It’s vitally important for any business to get themselves online and across as many of the ‘better’ social networks as possible.

Whether your company sells Luxury Yachts or the little rubbers that go on the top of pencils, you need a Facebook page to promote your online presence and potentially drive more sales/clients through the door. The purpose of a Facebook page is to convert visitors into fans. It’s also an effective way of keeping people up to date with what’s going on with your business.

Whilst it’s easy to setup a Facebook page, making the layout effective and creating a great user experience is often overlooked. I’ve lost count of how many Facebook pages I’ve stumbled upon but closed straight away because no time or effort has been put in to its design.

Facebook has come a long way since the “Page” first made it’s appearance. Users now have more control over what goes into their page with Facebook applications and i-frames.

FBML enables you to build Facebook applications that deeply integrate into a user’s Facebook experience. JavaScript can also be used within FBML, by using FBJS.

This article takes a look at some Highly Creative Facebook Pages that I’ve found across the Internet and gives great inspiration.

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Coca Cola




Heinz Ketchup


Louis Vuitton




Next Online Clothing


Pizza Hut


Sony Playstation






Sony Ericsson




Microsoft Xbox

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